Native Californian working and eating her way through India. Namaste!



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  1. Karthik Shetty October 13, 2010 at 4:03 am #

    Hi Julie, after going through the blog completely, I think it’d be safe to assume that you enjoy good food (and are one of the few foreigners who’s adventurous enough to try and enjoy Indian food). Apart from randomly blogging about restaurants, I also review restaurants for a local paper called The Bangalore Mirror. Part of the process is we go to restaurants unannounced, and don’t ‘reveal’ ourselves until we’ve finished our meal and paid for it (yes, we pay, no freebies). We also take along people who either know something about the food/cuisine (helps decide the rating), or those who enjoy good food, so that the rating given at the end isn’t that of just one person (me), but a collective opinion.

    So here’s the deal: do you and your friend (Claire, is it?) want to join me for one such review? If so, how long are you guys in Bangalore, and do you have any preference when it comes to any particular type of cuisine, food allergies, etc etc? Do let me know, so I can try and schedule something while you guys are here.


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