Things I Miss About L.A.

13 Nov

Being homesick is the strangest feeling. Strange in the way it stirs up appreciation and gratitude. A little perspective gives you so much to contrast and compare. Here’s my short list of things I’m missing about L.A.

– Biking everywhere. I even miss the treacherous bike ride down Abbot Kinney and Main St. You never know when you’ll get doored. Here’s a picture from my last bike ride in L.A.

– The center in Marina del Rey w/Sugar Fish, Mendocino Farms, Pinkberry, The Counter, Chipotle and Rainbow Acres. Everything I could ever need or want.

– Crosswalks. Crossing the street in India is like playing human Frogger (a line from Outsourced that rings all too true).

– Food. Can’t decide what I’m going to eat first when I get back to L.A.: The mushroom pizza at Waterloo & City, the omakase at Sugar Fish or everything at A-Frame. Has anybody tried it yet?

– The tap water, traffic and pollution. In comparison to Bangalore, L.A. is an oasis. You can drink the tap, get places in less than three hours and actually go running outside without getting black lung.

– Ice in my drinks. Unless you want diarrhea, you have to order your drinks without ice in India. Just like Mexico.

– The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Oh we are spoiled with all our organic and local goodies in L.A.

– My apartment. Especially my couch from Viesso that just sucks you in. Amazing!

– Cooking and having my Shun knives, Vitamix and pink KitchenAid mixer at my disposal.

– Football! College and NFL. Cricket just doesn’t quite do it for me.

– Time Warner Cable. As much as I hate that monopoly, I love fast, reliable wifi.

– Most obviously, all my friends and family. I wish I had a private jet to shuttle everyone to India. Sir Richard Branson if you are reading this, feel free to volunteer your resources. 🙂

I’m sure when I get back to L.A., I’ll have a list of things that I miss about India too. I suppose it will be weird not to see livestock in the streets and babies on motorcycles.


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