Brunch at Leela Palace

13 Oct

I know most most of you expect me to be posting pictures of idlis, dosas and chai tea (and I will), but I’m going to throw in this post about my brunch at Leela Palace, which was continental, so it sort of counts as Indian food, right? Okay, I know that’s a stretch, but I did scarf some biryani and lentils for what it’s worth. Claire and I have been getting most of our restaurant recommendations from our co-worker Gopi and I’m starting to notice a little trend. He’s been sending us to super fancy shmancy places. Remember when I mentioned being in places that didn’t feel like India? Well Leela Palace is one of those places. I immediately felt like I was transported to a resort in the South of France. Right when you pull up there are basins filled with gorgeous, floating flower petals.

And this is the view walking up towards the hotel.

So you see what I’m talking about? Not the slums of Bangalore by far. Equally impressive was the brunch buffet. I polished off a whole plate of food before I thought to take pictures. Sorry. I was hungry from our Nandi Hills trek.

Clockwise from the top: Stuffed cabbage and sauerkraut, okra, Mediteranean vegetable medley, marinated beets, salmon w/mint sauce and braised leeks.

Since I’ve been in India, I’ve developed the craziest sweet tooth. In the states I keep my dessert consumptions to nibbles from dark chocolate bars or Isabella’s Peanut Butter Bombs. Here, I have dessert after every meal. Or in the case of Leela Palace, several desserts after each meal. Two a day work outs for me once I get home! Clockwise from the top: chocolate fondue with pineapples, melon and papaya, triple chocolate mousse, fruit tart and chocolate burfi.

Yes, this is gluttonous decadence to the extreme. Now we know where to go when we want an escape. We also know that we better start getting restaurant recommendations from somebody besides Gopi if we want our money to last us the entire trip.


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